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Below is a small list of some of the beautiful memories that I have had the privilege to have been a part of. Of course, I think that my moms are the best. They have repeatedly shown me their strength and courage when having their babies, and often in difficult conditions. By making these homebirth stories and photos available, I hope to pass the faith and courage from these women to others who have had disappointing births in the past. It is my aim to show that human birth is a normal body function, and something not to be feared. Enjoy. Jerry


Some may find birth photos offensive.

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A Calm, Quiet Birth Graphic

A Face up Birth Graphic

A Floor Birth Graphic

A home Breech Birth Graphic

A home Twin Birth 1 Graphic Photo

A loop of Cord Graphic

A primip birth on a Pig Farm

A Southern California Primip birth

A VERY Tiny women's home birth Graphic

A young girl's first birth Graphic

Aday's Home Birth Graphic

Adelfa's VBA2C Graphic

Adriene's First Birth Graphic

Almost didn't make it! Graphic

Angelica's VBA2C Graphic

Antonia's first Birth Graphic

A Birth in my Car! Graphic

Cloudia's First Birth Graphic

Christina's home birth Graphic

Elizabeth's first birth Graphic

Enedelia's home birth Graphic

Erika's home birth Graphic

Evelia's first birth Graphic

Lupita's home birth Graphic

Guadalupe's births Graphic

Julia's & Riena's Births Graphic

Margarita's VBA2C Graphic

Maria's first birth Graphic

Mariela's first birth Graphic & shows a loop of cord

Nancy's first birth Graphic

Other memories

Overdue! Graphic

Reyna's first birth Graphic

Sofia's home birth Graphic

The Story of Miriam and her Twins

Too Small to have a baby? Graphic

Too Young? Too Old?

Without Light Graphic

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